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There is often the misconception that cohabiting couples hold the same legal rights as married couples. However, this is not the case and therefore the term ‘common law’ husband or wife holds no standing in law.

For couples who choose not to marry but rather live together in a long-term relationship, it is crucial that they understand their legal standing should they separate. They may wish to take steps to ensure they are both protected should a separation occur in the future.

Legal support for cohabiting couples
Legal rights for unmarried couples

Rights for unmarried couples

Areas of consideration for couples living together are finances, property and children, and what would happen with each should they choose to separate.

The team at Poole Alcock Family have vast experience in supporting clients who wish to seek to protect their assets and outline specific terms for living with a partner. We work with both parties to outline an amicable and fair solution should the relationship break down.

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